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Our mission at Autism Awareness Shop- Adult Vocational Training


Our goal is to increase the independence and improve the overall quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum through gainful employment. The success of this employment will be implemented by intensive and therapeutic on the job vocational skill building at actual retail establishments designed with supports in place. Autism Awareness Shop(s) will also serve to increase awareness and acceptance of those on the autism spectrum through community inclusion and demonstrating how every member of our community has something to contribute. Please check out our “about us” page to learn more about how we plan to achieve this and why this is so needed and valuable for our community. We are located at 2908 W Hillsborough Ave. Tampa FL 33614, 813-879-6770.


We are working hard to achieve this mission. We engage in continuous fundraising in many ways, as well as sponsoring special community fundraising events. Our continuous fundraising efforts include making wonderful, low priced autism awareness and therapeutic merchandise on our website, as well as our Amazon and eBay Stores, all 100% nonprofit. We have also recently started a new continuous fundraiser that was inspired by the popularity of Lego products among the autistic community. We have rare, retired, unopened Lego Sets available on with all profits being applied to Autism Awareness Shop. Please check out our “events” page for more information on our special community fundraising events.